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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the photo

This is the digital age.  We take photos almost as often as we breathe.  You don't even need a camera.  Just point your smartphone, click the shutter button.  Upload dozens of images to Facebook or Photobucket or the site of your choice.  So many pictures...

Posing for a photo was a much more formal event decades ago.  You had to load film into the camera, and since you didn't want to be wasteful, you tried to get everything just right before you pressed the shutter.

I was visiting my father in the hospital.  My father has dementia.  When he's awake and alert I try to keep him engaged in conversation.  So I pulled out my iPad and started showing him family photos, pictures of my mother, my sisters, my children, other relatives.

And as I was scrolling through my account to find more photos to discuss, I hit pay dirt.

Three photos, taken during World War II.  My father in his Army uniform, home on leave before being shipped out to Italy.  One photo sowed my father, his parents and his sister Sonia.  A second showed my father with his sister Eva and her two daughters.  The last photo showed my father with his mother.  I'd scanned the three photos about 3 or 4 years ago, posted them to Facebook for the enjoyment of my cousins.  The originals are in my mother's bedroom closet.

My father took one look at the photo of himself and his mother, and said "That's me with my mother.  I've been looking for this photo for 14 years." He didn't want to let go of my iPad.

Guess I'm going to have to make a few prints of that picture.

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