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Saturday, August 8, 2015

I don't care if I ever get back....

Military Appreciation Night at Bethpage Ballpark.

When I was seated, I had an interesting conversation with John the usher.  You can really tell who loves the game.  I hope he makes that trip to Cooperstown. The Ducks kept it interesting but couldn't overcome a 3 run Bluefish lead.  They lost 3-2.

But the real story that night was the pageantry of red, white and blue in honor of our military heroes:

The team were in red, white and blue:

 photo 20150801_182853.jpgBud Harrelson
 photo 20150801_183119.jpgA giant flag to salute the occasion photo 20150801_183547.jpg photo 20150801_183549.jpgAnd a flyby, of course. photo 20150801_184105.jpg photo 20150801_184102.jpgLet the game begin photo 20150801_184431.jpg photo 20150801_184432.jpg photo 20150801_185329.jpg photo 20150801_185347.jpgFull moon rising photo 20150801_211836.jpg And the evening ended with fireworks:

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