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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Red Robin

"Red Robin - yum".

Now that the jingle will be your ear worm for the day ...

I do like Red Robin.

Decent burgers at a decent price. This time around I had "Southern Charm", a cheeseburger with a sweet barbecue sauce and candied bacon. An interesting and very enjoyable combination.

Right now they're featuring "bottomless fries". Each burger is served with a small portion of steak fries, but you can get as many refills as you want. I wasn't particularly impressed with the fries -- they were lukewarm -- and didn't ask for more.

If you don't want fries, healthy options, such as steamed vegetables, are available.

My biggest complaint is service. Our waiter was friendly, he got our order right, etc. but ... I don't know whether the servers are overburdened or if the kitchen is short staffed, but service was extremely slow. Not just to our table, to all the tables around us as well.

Overall it was a decent meal. I'd like to see them fix the problems, though.

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