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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Howe Caverns Motel

We stayed at the Howe Caverns Motel.  We chose this place because it offers package deals including admission to Howe Caverns.

Located on the grounds of Howe Caverns, it's a very small, very basic motel    Our room was small but clean, and I liked that it had two sinks separated from the rest of the bathroom.  Some rooms have a microwave and a refrigerator, but ours did not (which we knew when we booked).  Each room has its own air conditioner.  And I enjoyed a swim in the well-maintained pool.

Small complaint.  The motel's satellite TV was not working well the night we were there.

The best part of the motel, though, is the location -- the sweeping mountain views we had from our room.

This is a nice place to stay if you want to enjoy all the activities at Howe Caverns.

Here's the motel:

 photo S5033197.jpg photo S5033198.jpg
Here are some views:

 photo S5033193.jpg photo S5033194.jpg photo S5033195.jpg photo S5033196.jpg Yes, those are cows.  photo S5033199.jpg photo S5033203.jpg photo S5033207.jpgSunset over the mountains  photo S5033204.jpg photo S5033205.jpg photo S5033206.jpg

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