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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Another this and that

It almost doesn't pay to go on vacation, because when you get back to the office, you're going to get slammed.

Still, I had a great time.  We did a lot of fun and interesting things -- Howe Caverns, Cooperstown, the Cloisters, the Intrepid.    I've got a few ideas now for day trips for the rest of the year.  I'm thinking a winery tour is in order.

but since I've gone back to work...oy.

Good news for Becca!  She found an apartment.    She's so excited.  Considering the disaster she had back in February, and that the almost-roommate moved into an apartment in July, the fact that she finally found a place she loves is wonderful.

So grown up ...but when she's knocked out by a bad head cold, she reverts to a little girl who needs mommy to make it better.

Jen and one of her friends, who was a gymnast in high school, found a great gymnastics class for adults.  They had a great time, but...Jen got hurt.  She has a torn ligament in her knee, she's limping around with a knee brace.  They're trying physical therapy first, but she's afraid she might need surgery.

Drew has been running to doctor's appointments, too.  He's got a few issues going on.  Nothing life threatening, but ...we've reached an age where half of our contacts list begins with the same word:  doctor.

But we did find time to see Mission:Impossible - Rogue Nation.  Mindless escapism, but really a lot of fun.  And the previews for Man From U.N.C.L.E. and the new James Bond film, Spectre, were interesting.

The eldercare wars continue.  Shelley still thinks she's in charge, that she's the one who will be making the decisions about Marvin.  She is convinced that "Drew is trying to take Marvin away from her" and that Drew is acting out of spite.    Drew never wanted to be responsible for Marvin's care, but felt he had to step up because his sister is totally incapable of seeing to Marvin's needs.   There may be some interesting updates soon, followed by fireworks.

My parents are doing OK.  My sisters decided that my parents needed to get out of the house, so last week they drove out to the East End and took a tour of a winery.  I'm told they had a wonderful time.  They used to love to travel.

I'm still doing my walks at the beach.  I go up to Sunken Meadow once or twice a week.  Kind of crowded up there these days.  I almost wish Labor Day would come and the crowds would go away.  ButI like summer weather way too much, I hate to see it end.

I have to start thinking about how I'm going to keep up my walking when the weather gets too cold to go to the beach.  I'm thinking of rejoining the JCC, they have a pool, an indoor track and a fitness center. A little more expensive than joining a gym, but probably worth it.  I have time to think about it, outdoor walking is still an option in the early fall.

But yes, Labor Day is coming...and Drew is doing the annual Labor Day barbecue.  Have to start thinking about what I plan to make this  time, I'm bored with the usual.

But if I think about Labor Day I have to think about autumn, and I'm not ready.  I want to hold on to summer for just a bit longer.

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