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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Road trip -- Howe Caverns

So even though we were doing a "staycation" this summer we decided on one small road trip.    Drive upstate to Howe Caverns, stay overnight, visit Cooperstown, and drive home.  So we packed up Drew's car, and off we went.

First stop:  Howe Caverns.  I'd visited this site way back in college -- it's just a short drive from Albany -- and really enjoyed this natural wonder.  The basic tour takes about an hour and a half.  Wear sneakers (there's a lot of walking on wet pavement, and you'll need to climb up and down stairs) and a light jacket.

Before you enter the caverns you hear all about 19th century dairy farmer Lester Howe, how he discovered the caves by observing the behavior of his cows, and how he explored the caves and turned them into a tourist attraction.  You take an elevator down to the caverns,, and walk along a path as your tour guide explains the various rock formations.    Later there's a short boat ride, then a walk back to the elevators.

Lots of other activities for families here -- the zip line and rock climbing wall looked like fun.

 photo S5033213.jpg I was surprised to find this as a display item outside the caverns  photo 46b83643-7ced-477d-8869-b4cd020c29e8.jpgInside the caverns. They call this formation the Tower of Pisa photo 4d1de2a4-6a3e-466c-b6c4-21c0bfc6444a.jpgMore interesting formations  photo S5033154.jpg photo S5033167.jpg photo S5033170.jpg photo S5033175.jpg photo S5033178.jpg photo 381ee2c3-3404-409b-8de0-48cd5e75d8a6.jpgThis heart shaped rock is the site of many weddings inside the cavern. Step on it for good luck. photo S5033188.jpg

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