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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Cloisters

One of the passions I developed in college was a love of medieval history.  And yet somehow, somehow, I never paid a visit to the Cloisters.

Located in Fort Tryon Park, on the northern tip of Manhattan, in a building designed to resemble a medieval abbey, the Cloisters houses the medieval art collection belonging to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The best art of the Middle Ages was religious in nature, and the main floor of the museum reflects this. Beautiful Romanesque and Gothic chapels from Western Europe, including architecture, paintings, sculpture and stained glass windows.    And tapestries -- the famous unicorn tapestries.

The lower level contains much smaller treasures, both religious and secular.    You can also enjoy the medieval garden.

And, of course, you can take in the sweeping views of the Hudson river.

It's a pleasant afternoon.

 photo AMBA0001.jpg

 photo AMBA0060.jpg photo AMBA0002.jpg photo AMBA0004.jpg photo AMBA0005.jpg photo AMBA0008.jpg photo AMBA0009.jpg photo AMBA0010.jpg photo AMBA0014.jpg photo AMBA0018.jpg photo AMBA0021.jpg photo AMBA0024.jpg photo AMBA0025.jpg photo AMBA0027.jpg photo AMBA0028.jpg photo AMBA0031.jpg photo AMBA0034.jpg photo AMBA0036.jpg

One of my favorite pieces

 photo 65be19ba-89c8-4e20-87ff-ae803814084f.jpg


Suzanne said...

I went in 6th grade, was absolutely entranced, and never made it back. The boys are also fans of medieval era history, so it is on our plans for when we do a NYC day on the next trip north.

This will probably look familiar:

Thanks for all the pictures! It is one of those places that people don't believe is part of Manhattan Island.

songbird's crazy world said...

Wow, that video ...

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