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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

eldercare update: ceasefire

After much arguing and exchange of emails, it looks like  the family feud is moving into the ceasefire/truce stage. 

Shelley apparently found someone to help her pack up Marvin's possessions, and she will be bringing everything to Drew's house later in the week.

Drew said to me, "But what if there's stuff she doesn't pack and bring?" And I said, "Let it go, just take whatever she brings and don't worry about what may be missing."

I don't think Marvin bought himself anything new to wear in years.  Drew plans to go through the clothes to see what should be thrown out (the winter coat, for example, needs to be replaced).  He'll take the rest to the laundromat and have them wash, dry and fold it. And then he'll buy some new things for Marvin.

It occurred to Drew that Marvin's car is still parked on Shelley's driveway.  Marvin stopped driving a few years ago.  The car is well over ten years old and needs an expensive repair to be drivable.  Not worth the cost to fix it.  For now, the car will remain where it is.  At some point, if Shelley needs to have it moved, Drew will donate it to KarsforKids or some similar organization.

So now,all that's left to do is to wait for Marvin's Medicaid status to change and relocate him to a nursing facility that will better suit his needs.

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