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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Real men shoot game with their cameras

On safari in the Bronx Zoo.

Our membership in the Wildlife Conservation Society gives us unlimited admission into the Bronx Zoo, the Central Park Zoo, the Queens Zoo, the Prospect Park Zoo and the New York Aquarium.  Our favorite, of course, is the Bronx Zoo.

It's a hilly campus located on the Bronx River.  You can spend a whole day here and still not see everything.

We usually enter the park from the gate at Bronx River Parking, walk towards the Asia exhibits, then through the Zoo Center (where the cages were in less enlightened times) before heading back to the car.

The forecast called for a hazy, hot and humid day, with the possibility of thundershowers late in the afternoon or early evening.

The forecast was WRONG.

When we first got to the zoo I made some joke about El Yunque, the rain forest we'd seen in Puerto Rico a few years ago.

The first time it started raining was right after we got to the Wild Asia Plaza.  A short but torrential downpour.  We ducked into Jungle World, an indoor exhibit, and when we emerged a short time later, the rain had stopped.  But the pattern was set.  Short but torrential downpours all afternoon.   We'd see an outdoor exhibit, the rain would start, we'd head indoors.  The rain would stop, we'd go to a few outdoor exhibits...

By the end of the day you could have put me in the Mouse House, because I looked ike a  drowned rat.

But, as always, we saw some amazing animals from all parts of the world.

Here are a few. photo AMBA0219.jpg photo AMBA0353.jpg photo AMBA0339.jpg photo AMBA0332.jpg photo AMBA0323.jpg photo AMBA0322.jpg photo AMBA0310.jpg photo AMBA0305.jpg photo AMBA0285.jpg photo AMBA0274.jpg photo AMBA0272.jpg photo AMBA0254.jpg photo AMBA0244.jpg photo AMBA0241.jpg photo AMBA0207.jpg photo AMBA0209.jpg photo AMBA0205.jpg photo AMBA0203.jpg photo AMBA0200.jpg photo AMBA0197.jpg photo AMBA0191.jpg photo AMBA0184.jpg photo AMBA0168.jpg photo AMBA0156.jpg

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