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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Another this and that

So my dad is home from the hospital.  He's feeling OK.  I'm glad this turned out to be something relatively minor.  He always does better mentally and emotionally when he's home.

Seeing him in that hospital gown, though....I could really see how frail he's become. 

So now I can focus on the whole Marvin situation, it's erupting as predicted.  Drew now has control of Marvin's finances; he had to sort out what was Marvin's and what was Shelley's --  she commingled funds -- but there shouldn't be a  problem with APS or Medicaid.   He's trying to get Shelley to give him Marvin's clothes and personal belongings, but she won't tell him when she will be home so that he can empty out Marvin's room.  She's screaming that Marvin still has to pay rent, at least for September, and that Drew needs to remove Marvin's very large, broken, TV from the house so that Shelley can get a new roommate.  Oh, and Drew and I are terrible, horrible people who've done awful things, and we are now dead to her.  Sigh.

It's funny how Drew relies on me for all things Jewish.   My synagogue has a wine tasting event every March, just before Passover.  When I told Drew about the event, he told me he'd like to visit some old friends, a couple who are fairly observant and keep a kosher home, and he asked me to select a bottle of wine to bring with us.  We'll be visiting them today.  I liked the wine I picked, I hope they will like it, too.

Becca is gearing up for the big move.  She's exploring the new neighborhood, buying things she'll need for her apartment.  She's so excited. 

Jen and her boyfriend are in Virginia Beach this weekend, visiting one of Jen's friends from college.  It's a nice way to cap off the summer.

Drew is planning the annual Labor Day barbecue, of course. He likes to have everyone over  on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.   I'm trying to decide what to prepare this time around.  the gossips will be out in force, but we've decided that talk about Shelley will be limited, and we will do our best to move on to other topics of conversation. 

I'm not really ready to move on to autumn just yet.  I'd like to hold on to summer for just a bit longer.

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