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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Customer service fail

Got so fed up with IPSY . . . Emailed DHL to ask why the tracking information hasn't updated in almost a week. Did IPSY even give them a package to deliver? So now the website has been updated. Package arrived at DHL in Maryland on July 18 but was not processed until the 22nd. The comedy of errors continues.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ipsy, oh Ipsy, where art thou?

DHL website hasn't been updated

Marketing lesson #1. Don't piss off the consumer. Especially in this day and age of social media.

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Earlier this summer my sister bought a hibiscus plant.  It sits in a pot on the front porch.   I suppose she'll bring it into the house when the weather gets cool in the fall.

It reminds us all of that first trip we took to Disneyworld -- me, my sisters and Jen (age 7 1/2) and Becca (just turned 6), and we stayed at the Poly.  There were hibiscus all over the resort.

The one on our porch has bloomed every single day this summer.

Harry's Steak and Cafe

Sooner or later, you knew here would be a business lunch. Well, we wound up at Harry's Steak and Cafe.

Harry's has been a Wall Street fixture since forever. Slightly below street level, the restaurant is decorated in dark wood, with wine bottles on the wall. Real steak house feel.

Service was quiet and efficient, though I was perturbed that no one offered us a refill on our soft drinks. Our party stuck to salads and sandwiches.

I had the steak sandwich -- tender slices of steak and melted mozzarella on a hero roll, served with handmade potato chips. Expertly prepared and very tasty. Would definitely order this again.

Harry's Steak and Cafe on Urbanspoon

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Monday, July 21, 2014


Just got an email asking me to review the July bag.

Today's IPSY email

Good to know I've received 20 IPSY points for my aggravation.

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The trend in fast-food Mexican is "build your own". You pick your ingredients and they assemble your tacos or burrito according to your instructions.

There are several chains that follow this formula. The first time I encountered it was at a Chipotle on Long Island. I was hooked.

I hadn't been to a Chipotle in awhile. There's a really good mom-and-pop near Drew's house, we go there often. And there's no Chipotle in Jersey City, so we had to satisfy our cravings at Salsarita's -- a similar chain. In fact, the joke was that Salsarita's was a poor substitute for Chipolte.

So I was excited to see a Chipolte just a short walk from my new office.

Sad to say, the bloom is off the rose.

I mean, the food was good, but nothing to rave about. I had a steak bowl -- rice, black beans, tomatoes, corn, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Too much guacamole, my steak was swimming in it. It was a very large portion, and I couldn't finish it. Very expensive, too. I paid almost $15 for the bowl and a soda; a similar meal at Salsarita's in Jersey City, even adding chips and a dip, would be about $11.

So I was a little disappointed. It wasn't a bad meal, but there was no "wow" factor.


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