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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Taco King

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We were regulars here for awhile, but then a new place opened up in Levittown...We like the other place, too, but last week we found ourselves returning to the King.

This is strictly a storefront operation.  There's no "atmosphere" except for a few Mexican hats hanging on one wall. 

Food here is fresh and plentiful  Favorites include the quesadillas and the steak platter.  They have the best Mexican rice I've ever had from a take out place.  Chili con carne was merely OK.  I'd like to see a combo plate with tacos, the menu offers tacos a la carte only.  And alas,  they do not have a dessert menu.

Overall, though, it's a nice place for a quick and tasty takeout meal.

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