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Thursday, February 26, 2015

of valves and valves

So Monday morning I made a return trip to the repair shop where I bought my brand new tire last week.

It seems the tire was a bit low.  Not quite flat, but definitely not fully inflated.

Turns out, the tire had a leaky valve.  Mechanic swapped it out, and I was on my way.

In a way, it was a weird coincidence.

On Monday  my sisters took my mom to Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital for evaluation.  They're trying to determine if she should have transcatheter aortic valve replacement. 

That's a less  invasive procedure than open heart surgery, where the surgeon uses a catheter placed in the femoral artery to place the new valve in the heart.

My dad had  procedure two and a half years ago.

A marvel of modern medicine, isn't it?

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