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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roommate troubles

Like father, like daughter.

Becca feels like she dodged a bullet. The girl she was supposed to live with bailed on her the day they were supposed to sign the lease. Given what this girl put her through, she's better off.

The girl doesn't earn a lot of money, she's financially dependent on her parents, and her parents agreed to pay her share of the rent. But her mother is the quintessential helicopter parent, kept throwing up roadblocks every time the girls tried to move forward on the apartment. Helicopter Mom had a list of requirements... Becca kept making compromises as the apartment search dragged on and on...I don't think Helicopter Mom ever thought they'd find an appropriate apartment.

If they actually moved in together, Helicopter Mom would have been in their business all the time.

Unfortunately all the other friends Becca might have paired up with already have apartments. So now she's looking for a studio.

Drew is having issues with Marc -- again. Same old same old. Marc is moody, depressed, anti social. Hides in his room. Doesn't do any chores around the house. Seriously, he needs a psychologist or perhaps a psychiatrist, he's barely functioning. But he won't get help, there are a million excuses why he can't.

But what threw Drew over the edge ...

Drew and Marc have a joint bank account. It's the only bank account Marc has. The agreement is that Drew will deposit his share of the rent into the account and Marc will write the check to pay the landlord. So last week, when Drew went to the bank to make the deposit, he discovered that Marc didn't have enough money in the account to cover his share of the rent. Drew had to come up with an extra $300 to cover the shortfall.

It's the third time in two years that Marc hasn't been able to pay the full rent and Drew had to cover his share.

If there had been some emergency, some unexpected expense ...but no, it's just that Marc has no control over his spending and never reconciles his bank statements. Drew is convinced that Marc didn't have a clue that he was $300 short.

I think Marc knew, but couldn't tell Drew. A week earlier they had an argument about money. Marc didn't understand ... Drew pays all the utility bills. Marc is supposed to pay half. Drew doesn't ask Marc for the utilities, he simply deducts Marc's share of the utilities from the amount he gives Marc for the rent. This has been going on for many years, but suddenly Marc was not understanding what Drew does and accused Drew of cheating him.

Drew told me he wants Marc out of the house. And this time I think he means it.

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