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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another This And That

The good news is, Drew's back surgery went very well, and he is recuperating at home. The bad news is, the hospital. The quality of care was excellent, don't get me wrong, but the petty annoyances ...Starting with the wait for a bed ... When you are medically cleared to leave the recovery room at 2 PM but aren't brought to a regular room until 8:30 PM ... Or when you have to wait forever to get a wheelchair to the lobby so you can leave ... Or when you have to park in a municipal lot down the street because the hospital lot is full...

So our Valentine's Day celebration turned out to be takeout Chinese food and TV shows we DVR'd. We will save the fancy dinner for another night. The important thing was that we spent it together.

Really hating this winter weather. Tuesday morning, driving to work in the snow ...I hit a pothole, wound up with two flat tires ... Damaged the steel rim ... Like I really needed another car repair bill ... Or losing the use of my car for two days and having to ask my daughter to give me a ride.  At least Jen had the time to do it since she's home for winter break.    Interesting role reversal.

 There was some sort of crisis at the law firm Tuesday night, and Becca and one of the other paralegals were asked to work mega overtime.  The firm bought them dinner, and sent Becca home in a car, but the poor thing didn't get home until almost midnight. And had to go to work as usual on Wednesday.

Drew is totally fed up with Marc. The friendship is over, I'm afraid. Marc needs help but won't get help. He refuses to take responsibility for himself, and he blames Drew for his problems. Drew read him the riot act -- if he doesn't get his act together, he'll be out on the street.  The real problem isn't the money, it's the tension he created in the house.  Right now Marc is playing hermit crab again, hiding in his room upstairs whenever he's home, avoiding conversation with me and with Drew.  Drew keeps waiting for Marc to erupt.  It's not a healthy way to live.

I had a roommate situation like that once, before I was married.  I'd found Eileen through a roommate referral service, and at first we got along great.   Eventually, though, the relationship fell apart, and the tension between us was so thick...well, it felt like I was living in an armed camp.  I broke the lease, told a lie about following my fiancĂ© to his new job in Texas, and moved out.  Living in a hostile environment is not good for you, physically or emotionally.

But the good news is...spring training has started.   If there's life on the baseball field, can spring be far behind?

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