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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bank fraud...ugh

Well, it happened on Friday. Friday the 13th.

"Ms. Songbird, this is the fraud detection unit at XYZ Bank. We noticed some suspicious activity. Did you try to use your debit card at BJ's Warehouse today? The transaction was for $900 and it was declined."

No, I was not in BJ's. I don't even have a membership at BJ's.

At least the transaction was declined!

So off I went to replace my card. Again.

Remember that Target Stores were hacked in December 2013? I seldom shop at Target, I go into that store every now and then, but "now and then" coincided with the time period they got hacked. The bank replaced my card.

And then in September 2014 Home Depot was hacked. I almost never shop there, stopped by one day to buy a trash can. The Bank replaced my card.

But this is the first time someone apparently cloned my card.

It's happened to Jen, though. And it happened to Becca, twice. First time it happened was during her freshman year, she'd gone done to Philadelphia to visit at friend at U Penn. she had a round-trip bus ticket and enough money to get back to NY, thank goodness, but wanted me to meet her at school and give her some cash to tide her over until the new card came in the mail. She didn't realize she could go to the bank, fill out a withdrawal slip and give it to an actual teller --that "ATM" means Automated TELLER Machine.


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