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Friday, February 27, 2015

In the spirit of the NaBloPoMo theme

The theme this month is "make".

Well, I am terribly impressed with myself because I actually "made" something.

Well, "assembled" would be more appropriate.

But I am still impressed that I managed it.

My childhood was spent in the pre-feminist world, where girls took home economics and boys took shop.    There were two memorable weeks in junior high where  we girls were sent to woodworking shop and the boys took our place in the home economics room, but that was just an experiment.

Where a woman doing home repairs/construction was fodder for a sitcom; she'd screw it up, make the situation even worse, and her husband would have to rescue her and do the repair or call a professional.

That is, until Archie Bunker's new neighbor, Irene Lorenzo, showed us that women can do plumbing and carpentry and home repairs, too.

Still, it was never something at which  I really excelled.

But necessity leads to a learning experience.

My office at work shall I put it...cozy.  My desk  ... not the largest.  As in, there's no room for my brand new printer on the desk.  I had to have another place to stash the printer.  Hello, "assemble it yourself, no tools needed" shelving unit.

It was touch and go there fore awhile, but I think I did OK.

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