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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tails and Tales

It's our annual Gilbert & Sullivan night.
Only this time we were in for something a little different.
The first show Gilbert& Sullivan wrote together was a satire of Greek gods and British actors,  a show called "Thespis", which ran about four months, and was never performed again.
Gilbert ' s book and lyrics survive,  but Sullivan's  score disappeared.  Three songs were later inserted into other shows, but everything else was somehow lost.
And then Thomas Shepard decided to write a new score, and the Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island performed the show this season. 
And since we know many of the cast members,  of course we had to go.
The basic premise of this show is that the gods on Mount Olympus have grown old and feel out of touch with humanity.   They trade places with a group of actors,  who of course make a mess of things.
Not their best work, but it makes for an interesting evening.
Dinner was at J & R Steakhouse.   The pasta salad has improved,  it's no longer drenched in dressing.  Garlic bread with mozzarella and marinara was excellent.   Salad was the same pathetic mess of iceberg lettuce and cardboard tomatoes.   We had the special - steak with lobster tail.  Not bad.  Macaroni and cheese side dish was creamy but a bit bland.
Pity Boulder Creek closed, I would have preferred it.  But this meal was Ok.

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