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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dunkin Donuts

I have a Dunkin Donuts app on my phone, I am very fond of their coffee (my usual order is a small French vanilla with cream), and their donuts and muffins. (but not their bagels ...)

We all celebrated when a Dunkin Donuts opened up near our offices in Jersey City, and cried when a partial building collapse took our favorite coffee shop away.

No such issues here in the Financial District, where there are many Dunkin Donuts stores.

The one closest to my office is on Fulton Street. It's got free WiFi, but only a handful of tables. If you stop in just before 9:00 on a weekday morning, you will be greeted by a long but fast-moving line. Very efficient service, the coffee is hot and the pastries are fresh. What more could you want?

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