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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Another Fulton Street find: GRK

Fast food Greek style.

Simple concept, the specialize in gyros -- they spell it "yeero" so you won't mispronounce it.

Pick "sandwich" or "platter", pick your yeero meat , pick your tzaziki, and add a side if you ordered a platter, and you're done.

I chose a platter, with beef and lamb yeero, brown rice and traditional tzaziki . The food was served in a square tray - a nicely seasoned portion of meat in one corner, brown rice in the next, followed by salad (shredded lettuce and chopped tomato in a vinegarette -- too heavy on the vinegar), grilled pita bread, and a small dollop of tzaziki. Next time I'll order extra tzaziki.

They also serve fresh and frozen Greek yogurt. I just might give that a try, too.

Grk on Urbanspoon

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