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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another this and that

So Becca moved out of her student apartment over the weekend. Her furniture is now stored in a unit at a public storage facility. She's already talking about finding a roommate and getting another apartment.

I usually prefer to give my money to organized charities, but last week I gave $2 to a woman who was very likely an addict. She earned it through sheer audacity. A group of us were standing, waiting for the train, and she walked up to one man and told him she'd just gotten her period "real bad" and had no money for tampons.

I like having the word "consultant" as part of my job title. And I'm still enjoying lower Manhattan. But the commute is killing me.

Yesterday was Eid, a Muslim holiday. There were a lot of men gathered at the mosque when Becca and I drove past it on our way to the train. Becca had no idea that the large house behind the fence had become a mosque.

The mosque is next door to a Hindu temple, and on the same street as half a dozen churches and an Orthodox synagogue. We live in a very diverse community.

Jen is really looking forward to her 8 day trip to London and Paris. She's go in with a friend from college. She'll be gone during that week between the end of camp and the beginning of school.

She's happy to be moving up to the middle school with her student. She really likes this boy.

I can't believe the summer is half over. Time is truly flying!

And I almost forgot to mention.  I follow Scott Shannon on Facebook and Twitter.  I got a shout out from him on the air last week.  I didn't hear it and no one bothered to tell me!

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