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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Let me interrupt the saga of our trip to Collinwood to talk about one of my other passions: baseball.

We had another great evening in Central Islip. The Ducks vs. the Bridgeport Bluefish -- the same team we saw a few weeks ago. With fireworks scheduled for after the game.

Since we had Joe's tickets again, we ate in the VIP restaurant. Drew had a nice sandwich, roast beef and melted cheese. I had fish and chips, a huge piece of beer battered fish with French fries.

Lots of kids on the field during the national anthem, of course, and a nice touch by the pyrotechnics crew -- red rockets.

The game started slowly, and Bridgeport took an early lead. And everyone kept one eye on the game and the other eye on the weather report. There were terrible thunderstorms in NYC and in Nassau County. All we got was a little bit of rain and a short rain delay.

And then came the 7th inning. I wasn't the only one who had fish for dinner! The Ducks went from a 1-3 deficit to a 6-3 lead. The pitcher had no control, he walked in two runs. The Ducks batted around. Fun!

Final score was 6-5. Another Ducks victory.

And the weather held, so we were able to see the fireworks. A short show, maybe 10 minutes, but very well done.

Some people scoff, it's not Major League Baseball. But we think it's a lot of fun.

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