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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ipsy July 2014 bag ... a bit peeved

So last month I subscribed to Ipsy.  For $10 a month, you get a bag of cosmetics.    My first bag arrived June 15, and with one notable exception, I liked all the products.  It's like getting a gift, half the fun of the subscription is unwrapping the products and seeing what they picked out for you.

I was looking forward to the July bag.  And that's why I am not happy right now.

Lat month's bag arrived June 15.  Today is July 15, and I haven't gotten so much as a tracking code.

The money for this month's bag was deducted July 7.  It's customary to deduct the cost of an item when you're ready to ship it, so I was curious why my bag hadn't shipped.

I went to the Ipsy website.

Ipsy is obviously having a major shipping problem, several others posted messages on the site asking where their bags are.

More annoying?  Even though they haven't generated a shipping code, when I signed into my account, I got a message about what was in the bag -- describing each item -- and asking me which one I liked best.  And because I linked my Ipsy account to Facebook, the website automatically posted messages to my wall about having received my Ipsy bag and loving one of the products that I got.

Not cool, Ipsy.  The delay is bad enough, but this was salt in the wound.

So I emailed the company.  And got an auto-generated response.  They'll get  back to me in about 3 days.

The way they build up their product and customer expectations, you'd think they were selling the Elixir of Life, not $10 worth of eye shadow and moisturizer.

I am probably going to enjoy the products if and when the bag arrives.  But my customer service expectations have not been met.  Ipsy fell far short of the mark.

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