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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The waning days of summer

The autumn equinox isn't until September 21, the weather in September is generally warm and sunny.  Yet when Labor Day arrives, we all turn our calendars to "Fall".  

Drew went back to work this week, Jen goes back next week. The community pool is about to close for the season, the fall TV shows are about to premiere.  My mailbox is stuffed with catalogues featuring the new fall fashions. 

I went to Sunken Meadow after work yesterday.  Can't tell you how many high school sports teams were there, taking a run on the boardwalk. 

I took a 3 mile walk, and it felt so good.  But by the time I finished walking, the sun had set, and the park employees were beginning to move people off the sand -- the park closes at dusk.  In a few short weeks I won't be able to go for a walk here...

I guess that's why I haven't been to the gym in the last few weeks.  I've wanted to be outside, to squeeze in as much summer as I can ...

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bookworm said...

Summer ends on Labor Day here in upstate New York, too. The carousels (our local treasure - six of them, and all free) close after Labor Day. All the county beaches (lake beaches) and municipal pools do, too. So, if we have a September heat wave - too bad. Alana

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