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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cafe Society

Originally we planned to see Suicide Squad, a take on all the recent superhero movies.  But then we decided to be grown ups, to see something a bit more intellectual:  Café Society.

Woody Allen's latest is a sentimental, nostalgic romance set in the 1930's. 

The main character, Bobby, is (unsurprisingly) a nebbish,  who grew up in a neurotic Jewish family in the Bronx.  He heads to California to work for his uncle Phil, a Hollywood agent.  He meets Vonnie, an unconventional Midewesterner.  He falls in love with Vonnie, and Vonnie turns to him when her married boyfriend dumps her.

If you're looking for a happy romance...look elsewhere.  Ultimately Bobby returns to New York, becomes a successful nightclub operator, and marries someone else.

It's a wistful romance punctuated by comedic bits involving the neurotic Jewish relatives.  It's certainly not on par with movies like Sleeper, Annie Hall or Manhattan. But it was definitely worthwhile.

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