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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sunken Meadow redux

The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday.  Not too hot, not too cold, not too humid, not too windy.  A perfect summer day.

I headed for the beach after work. 

I'm really loving the walks on the boardwalk. 

Sunken Meadow's boardwalk is 3/4 of a mile end-to-end.  Most people congregate at the middle of the boardwalk, because that's where the main bathhouse, the park office, the lifeguards,  and refreshment stand are located.  It's much quieter at either end of the boardwalk.

I always start at the main bathhouse, and walk east as far as I can go.  There's a refreshment stand at the eastern end of the boardwalk, but I've never seen it open during the week.  I wonder if they open it on weekends, when the park is busier.

I turn around and walk west as far as I can.  There's a building on the western end of the boardwalk, it used to be a refreshment stand, but now it's a catering facility.  I've seen weddings and other parties being held at the western end.

And then I walk back to the middle.  By now I've walked 1.5 miles.  There were a lot of people gathered on the boardwalk last night.  Every Wednesday throughout the summer,  the refreshment stand stays open for dinner, for a seafood festival, which includes live music. 

I was feeling really good yesterday, so when I got to the middle, I decided to do another complete lap.  In other words, I did a 3 mile walk last night. 

Can't wait to go back tonight.

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