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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mi Casa Dominican restaurant

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We wanted something a little different. Drew suggested Mi Casa Dominican-- he'd eaten here before, with friends. I'm always interested in something new.

A storefront restaurant in a strip mall, it's a large, airy, pleasant room.  I believe this place is family-owned.  And we were the only customers not fluent in Spanish. 

We were served garlic bread with our drink order.  Nice touch. It was a bit drier than the garlic bread you'd get in an Italian restaurant, but very tasty.

We started with the Picedera Tipica, a sampler platter for two people.  The menu describes it as a platter of fried beef, pork shrimp, cheese, fried  plantains and yucca fries.   The platter designed for two can easily feed four people, I can't imagine the size of the platter meant for four. I enjoyed the platter, for the most part.  The plantains were very good.  But I didn't care for the sausage.  And there was disappointment:  we had  one -- count it, one -- fried shrimp on the entire platter. 

Salads wee very basic -- lettuce topped with slices of tomato and cucumber, served with a mild vinaigrette on the side. 

Drew's entrée was Rabo -- oxtail. I believe the meat was stewed, there was gravy on the plate.

I ordered the Mi Casa Chicken, an interesting  combination of chicken breast filet, ham and pineapple topped with melted Swiss cheese.  It reminded me of a Cuban sandwich. 

Each entrée comes with your choice of potatoes and vegetable or rice and beans. We ordered rice and beans, and the waitress asked if we meant white rice and black beans.  She never informed us that there were other options.  The menu says that entrees are also served with tostones -- sweet plantains -- but we didn't get any plantain with our entrees.  Didn't miss them, either, there was so much food on our plates.

I don't usually order dessert, but I love yes, I ordered the flan.  Smooth, firm, creamy custard topped with a caramel sauce that was sweet without being overpowering.  The dessert was plated with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.  Heaven. 

Lots of leftovers, of course.  Which isn't a bad thing, I'll be eating Dominican cuisine for lunch...

A few missteps, but overall, a nice dining experience. Maybe next time I'll try the mofungo.

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