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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The human sponge

What they don't tell you about platelet donation:  SODIUM!!!!!!

The Red Cross explains the donation process as follows:

During a platelet donation, a small portion of your blood (about 1/4 pint at a time), is drawn from your arm and passed through a sophisticated cell-separating machine. The machine collects the platelets and safely returns the remaining blood components, along with some saline, back to you. After the donation you can resume your normal activities, avoiding heavy lifting or strenuous exercise that day.

And guess what they use as an anti coagulant while they're processing your blood?

Sodium citrate. 

And when the donation is over, the nurse asks you to drink some juice and eat some very salty food, like pretzels. 

And then I ate Chinese take out...and we went out for burgers...

I donated platelets on Friday, and by Monday, I'd gained over 5 pounds.

It was  frustrating to see that number on the scale.  I was almost ready to throw in the towel on my weight loss efforts.

But my feet were rings were tight...

Yes, water retention.

By Wednesday I'd dropped 5 pounds.

I felt a little bit wrung out (yes, I went there), but much , much happier.

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