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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rennaisance Faire

We travelled up to Tuxedo this weekend for another delightful day at the Renaissance Faire.

Usually I wear a skirt and blouse, things from my closet that, when put together, have a Renaissance "look".  This year I wore an actual costume (sorry, I didn't pose for any pictures).  I hadn't done that in years.  I think it's good to  exercise your imagination every once in awhile. (There was an episode of the original Star Trek series all about how the more advanced a society becomes, the bigger the need to "play"...)

Drew likes to shop for armor and weapons -- last year he bought a spear, this year he was looking for a shield.  I like to look at all the other crafts -- jewelry, clothes, decorative pieces.  I collect pewter figurines -- dragons, castles, unicorns and the like.  Didn't buy anything new this year, but it was fun to look.

There's an interesting variety of food stands at the Faire.  this year I was able to buy chicken pad thai for lunch.  But it was annoying that the food stand didn't sell bottled water or soda, and that I had to go to another stand to purchase my drink.

It's impossible to see all the performances in one day, but we saw a lot -- jugglers, magicians, acrobats, knife throwers.  We never miss the Living Chess Game  -- hand-to-had combat -- and we never miss the joust at the end of the day.

This year the Faire is offering a new experience at the joust.  They've redesigned the theater where the joust is held, creating a VIP viewing area.  For $5 you sit in grandstands that face out towards the rest of the audience, sort of like the nobility facing the peasantry ... interesting perspective, you can see the jousting but not the Queen or her court.

Our champion was Sir Ulrich, who wears green and gold:

Four knights do battle.  And here's the moment of truth: -- you can see the lances actually splinter as targets are hit.

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