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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

you never stop being a mom ...

Sigh.  It's hard to deal with the fact that my "babies" are grown up young women.

My latest worries:

Becca just got a  double whammy. 

Remember her former friend, the girl who was supposed to be her roommate but backed out of the arrangement the day they were supposed to sign the lease?  Former friend found another victim roommate, and they're moving into an apartment.  Move-in day is (get this) Becca's birthday.  Meanwhile, although Becca finally found another roommate, she's still looking for a suitable apartment.  It's frustrating.

And she broke up with the guy she's been dating for about six months.  She tells me it's "no big deal", but I know better.  Still, it's not as traumatic as last summer's breakup with the guy she'd been dating since high school.

At least things are going well for her at work.  Her supervisor loves her.  And she gets to take it easy these days, she delegates to the summer interns -- though she did ask my advice on how to handle an issue with said interns.  (A rare moment when I opened my mouth and my father popped out...)

Jen will NOT be working at a camp this summer.  She got an offer to work in the summer school program.  Summer school is easier than working at the camp.  And pay scale -- she'll earn the same amount in six weeks of summer school as she would have earned over eight weeks of camp.  Easy decision.

But the long term decisions are more difficult.  Overall she isn't happy with the earning power of a teaching assistant/paraprofessional.  I'm also tired of hearing her complain that she's always broke, and that she'll "never" be able to afford to move out of my parents' house. I'm glad that  she's  revisiting her options.  She won't ask my opinion, of course, I'm only her mother, but at least she's giving it some thought.

That her boyfriend is tending bar on Fire Island every weekend is really putting a crimp in Jen's social life.  But the relationship seems to be on solid footing.
Still, she's making jokes about Mr. Kitty being her "boyfriend", and even joked about a recent snapshot being her "engagement photo".


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