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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another this and that

I'm really hating the pollen count/allergy season stuff lately.  I've been taking Claritin, but I'm still getting symptoms.  Not really pleasant.  As yes, I've been known to whine about it.

Marvin went back to the nursing home.  Considering what we heard at the hospital last week, I wasn't sure that was ever going to happen.  Then he gave us a real scare yesterday, took a fall in the bathroom, and was sent back to the hospital for a CAT scan. He's back at the nursing home, but it's clear he cannot manage on his own.  The argument between Drew and Shelley may be moot, I'm not sure Marvin will ever be well enough to leave the nursing facility, even with a home health care aide.  Shelley, of course, is totally unprepared to hear this  or to deal with it.

Becca is back to looking at apartments, this time with a different roommate.  So far they haven't found anything they like.    I hope they find something suitable very soon. I've been driving her to the train  a lot lately, the commuter lots are very full and she can't find a decent place to park.

The school year is winding down.  Jen has a camp job lined up for the summer, she's already had to go to the camp for orientation.  She'll be working the rock climbing wall and the zip line, as she did in the other camp last summer.  This camp pays better and is closer to home.

Drew, on the other hand, has no interest in a summer job.  He has too much personal stuff going on. 

I've been spending a lot of time walking.  Sunken Meadow is becoming one of my favorite places.  But it's so very different "in season".  Even on a weeknight after 5:00.  You'll see a lot of blankets spread out on the sand, especially near the lifeguard stations.  And a lot of people bringing beach chairs to sit on the boardwalk.  The main snack bar has a "seafood feast" dinner every Wednesday night , which includes live entertainment --a small rock band, standing on the boardwalk and playing for the crowd.  It's much quieter, though,  at either end of the boardwalk, away from the crowds.

I signed up for both breast cancer walks.  I'll walk at Dowling, I'll work the tent at Jones Beach. 

We're planning to see Jurassic World tonight. In IMAX 3D, of course, which means getting to the theater very early and camping out on line to get good seats.  I'm really starting to appreciate the other multiplex, the one with the fully reclining seats, with assigned seat numbers.

Looking forward to our first Long Island Ducks game of the season on Thursday. This year we plan to see at least 7 games.  There are 8 teams in the Atlantic League, including the Ducks, and we plan to see the Ducks play every other team in the league.  Thursday's game is against the Sugarland Skeeters.

Yes, summer is getting off to a great start.

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