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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

San Andreas

Our local AMC theater offers a civilized moviegoing experience. Individual recliners and assigned seating, and aisles wide enough so that you don't have to stand up to let someone walk past your seat. Unless we want to see a movie in IMAX, we choose to see movies in this theater.

San Andreas is a disaster movie, an excuse to blow things up and knock things down. The plot centers on Ray (a search and rescue pilot for Los Angeles County), his soon to be ex wife Emma, and their daughter Blake. Ray is supposed to drive Blake back to college, but has to cancel when he's called in to work as a result of an earthquake in Nevada -- we get to see the Hoover Dam fall apart. Emma's boyfriend Daniel offers to bring Blake back to school after a stopover in his San Francisco office. Blake is in San Francisco and her parents are in Los Angeles when the big one hits. The parents head for San Francisco, determined to rescue their daughter. There is also an interesting subplot involving a CalTech seismologist.

The family drama is interesting, but the special effects are the star of the show. Buildings crumble, people scream and run, debris goes flying. Typical disaster movie, check your brain at the door. But very enjoyable.

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