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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Work update part 2

So yesterday we had the big meeting, the discussion on what the client called "the transition". I am assuming responsibility for a number of new files. Should be interesting.

The five of us went out to lunch. We planned the lunch before we knew about the changes, so what was supposed to be a team meeting turned into a farewell party of sorts.

(I'll write the restaurant review later, seems I was mistaken about Zomato and blog posts.)

I really enjoyed being back in Manhattan. It's such an exciting place to work. My problem with the working in the city is the horrible commute. Overall I'm much happier working on Long Island, ten minutes from home. But I do miss the excitement sometimes.

The Ling Island "excitement"? Got to work almost an hour early today (had to drop Becca at the station for an early train), only to find a power outage at our office building. At 10:30 I gave up and went home -- with remote access I can work almost anywhere.

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