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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bennie Thai Cafe

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 One of the joys of working in the Financial District is the variety of inexpensive lunch spots.  On  recent return visit to our NYC office, I had the chance to explore Thai food with my coworkers at Bennie Thai Cafe.

This place is a "hidden gem", a hole in the wall, below street level and accessible only by a narrow stairway,  Inside it is cramped and crowded, with no real "atmosphere".  Reminded me of some of my favorite Chinatown restaurants.

We ordered from the special lunch menu -- each dish costs about $8 and  is designed to feed one person.  I moved out of my "pad Thai comfort zone" and ordered a dish called "Siamese pork",  This turned out to be chunks of pork in a brown gravy, with a side of rice (your choice of white or brown), and included a hard boiled egg.   The gravy was flavored with unfamiliar (to me) herbs and spices, but was sweet rather than hot.  Hot sauce and other spicy condiments were on the table, though.  The roast duck over rice and roast chicken over rice also looked very appetizing.  the curries looked intriguing.

It was a nice lucnh, and the place is definitely worth a return visit.

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