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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


One of the sites I used to love was Urbanspoon.  I liked posting my restaurant reviews to my blog, and linking the blog to the Urbanspoon site.  It brought readers to the blog, and hopefully a few of them stayed to find out more about me.


Urbanspoon is no more. 

Urbanspoon is now Zomato. 

All my reviews and blog posts are showing up on the Zomato site.  But there's no option to link a blog post to the site.  All the reviews must be posted on the site.

Although I'd never heard of Zomato until the demise of Urbanspoon, I am guessing other sites have merged with Zomato as well.  When I logged into the site yesterday, I found a restaurant review I posted using my real name, not my  Urbanspoon user name, from a trip we took to Niagara Falls several years ago.


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