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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

eldercare update

I don't know how Drew's sister ever thought she was actually capable of taking care of Marvin anymore.

He was back in the hospital again, this time for a scheduled procedure.  He had to stay an extra day due to complications.  Now he's back at the nursing facility.  The facility is working on this Medicaid issue -- he was receiving one form of Medicaid, but needs a different program in order to be a permanent resident of a nursing facility.  Because yes, he is now officially a resident of the facility.

Drew and I aren't crazy about the facility, we think there are other nursing homes where he'd be happier.  So we're doing a little research, to determine if he can be transferred to a different facility.
So I came across the Facebook page of the facility where Marvin currently resides.    And there was a post from Drew's sister, moaning and groaning that the nurses had Marvin in a wheelchair and that he wasn't getting his physical therapy.  The post was from March.  You know, back when he was confined to his room because he had nothing to wear except a hospital gown, back when she refused to bring him clean clothes and Drew and I had to go to her house to get some of Marvin's things. 

What she wrote made me very angry.  I wanted to post a reply, but didn't see how that would accomplish anything.

Drew is planning to visit Marvin tomorrow.  He wanted to get a day pass for Marvin on Saturday, so that Marvin could come to the barbecue, but that doesn't seem feasible in light of Marvin's current condition.

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