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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Ten years ago the theater world was buzzing about a new musical starring Kristin Chenowith. "she's going to be Glinda in 'Wicked'! She'll probably win the Tony. Joel Grey has been cast as the Wizard. And that girl from 'Rent', what's her name? Idina Menzel, that's it, she's going to be the Wicked Witch of the West."

Well, my family and I saw the show while it was still in previews. It was so disappointing to find out Chenowith's understudy would appear that night. But by the end of the evening, it didn't matter. Not only was the show itself amazing, but Menzel everyone knows, it was Menzel who won the Tony that year.

And Drew never saw the show. Until this week, that is. No star power these days (Justin Guarini has a recognizable name, but still...). But the show holds up well. The political undertones resonate as much as the music. The complicated relationships of the principal know this isn't going to have a classic happy ending. An amazing show.

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