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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fogerty and Browne

Our first Jones Beach concert of the summer, Jackson Browne and John Fogerty.

They did only two concerts together this summer, August 4 in New Jersey and August 5 at the beach.

You knoow how much I love concerts at the beach.  We usually arrive before the gates open, buy some dinner and eventually find our way to our seats before the show starts.

A word to the wise.  The food has always been overpriced, but it used to be decent.  now it's just ...meh.  Not worth the effort.

And when you point out to someone that there's ketchup on the wrapper of his straw, it's so that they can avoid getting it on you.  Just saying.

Our tickets were for floor seats.  15 rows back, we could see actual faces on stage.

It's an odd pairing, Browne is so mellow and not.

The concert began precisely at 7:30.  There was no introduction, no grand entrance.  Browne just walked up to the mike and began to sing. He performed for about an hour and a half.

Then Ron Delsener, the concert promoter, took the stage to introduce ...Senator Chuck Schumer.  He made a brief statement  about being a fan,  said something about the beach recovering from Sandy and something about honoring Long Island servicemen and women.

And then it was time for Fogerty.  The lights dimmed, the band began to play.  there was an image of a jumbo jet on the screen...and there was Fogerty, singing "Travellin' Band".

He sang all the CCR songs, all his solo hits.  It was loud, it was passionate, it was fun.

My ears are still ringing. Great concert.


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