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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cats are people too

Drew is on the road right now, headed to Florida in a truck, helping our friends relocate. He left on Tuesday and he will fly home Monday night.

Marc is taking care of Duchess while Drew is gone, but I'm going to stop by over the weekend to check up on the poor fur ball. She's bound to be lonely and missing her daddy. Last time Drew went away, it was just for a weekend, and the poor cat missed him so much. It was the first time they had been separated since the day he adopted her, She got very clingy when she saw the suitcase come out Tuesday.

Drew used to have a cat named Cookie, a pretty ginger cat. One time when Drew went to visit his father in Florida . . .

When he came home I had to pick him up at the airport, then drive him to Donna's house to get his car. Well, the plane was delayed, it was well after midnight by the time we got to Donna's.

He hadn't eaten dinner before the flight and he was starving. He told me to go back to his house, he planned to stop at a 24 hour drive through McDonald's before heading home.

When I arrived at Drew's house, Cookie came running from the bedroom. She greeted me with a loud purr, then started looking around. She seemed to be saying 'You brought my daddy home! You did bring him home, didn't you? Did you bring him? Where is my daddy? I want my daddy!"

Really, she was confused and distraught.

Until she heard his car on the driveway. Her relief was visible.

And then . . ,

She stretched out on the floor, with her back to the door. When Drew opened the door and came into the house, she looked over her shoulder as if to say "Oh, it's you. I thought it was someone important."

And then the little faker started grooming herself.

We couldn't stop laughing.

I'm wondering how Duchess is going to react when Drew comes home.

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