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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quack of the bat

We didn't really set out to become such big Ducks fans, it just sort of happened. Thus we found ourselves at the ballpark two nights in a row.

Wednesday night. Game 2 of a three game series against the Sugarland Skeeters. Our seats are on the third base line, right behind the visitors' dugout, second row. We weren't sure there was going to be a game, there was record-breaking rain and extensive flooding Wednesday morning. But the skies cleared by mid afternoon. Game on!

It was a giveaway night. As we entered the park we were given baseball hats celebrating the Ducks championships in 2012 and 2013.

So we got our hot dogs, found our seats, watched the Pre game festivities. And moaned and groaned through the top of the first. After 2/3 of an inning they were behind 0-3, due to two major blunders -- scorekeeper scored one error, he was being generous.

And then the skies opened up, and everyone ran for cover.

The seats on the third base line face east, so the setting sun was behind us. We were treated to the sight of a rainbow over the ballpark!

The game resumed after an hour's delay. Skeeters weren't able to score again. Ducks were on a hitting jag but couldn't bring home a run. Ducks lost. Sigh.

We watched the moon come up just as the game came to its sad conclusion.

Then tonight...repeat performance but with a different ending. This time we had our friend Joe's tickets -- behind home plate, in the very last row of the main grandstand, sheltered from the elements by the second tier. Pity we didn't have those seats Wednesday night. No rain tonight!

We came in separate cars. Drew got there before the gates opened, and claimed his giveaway -- a metal lunchbox. By the time I arrived, there were no more giveaways.

When we have Joe's tickets we can use the restaurant, but it was getting late, so we opted for burgers.

And took a #flockphoto.

Much better game tonight. They beat the Skeeters 5-1. Exciting game.

But they're having a bad year, so a playoff berth this year is a long shot.

And as we were leaving, Drew said he was seriously considering buying a package of tickets next season. We'd get 10 games, seats behind home plate, and access to the restaurant. Could be fun.

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