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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Yet another Financial District lunch spot, another "build your own meal."

The house specialties are hummus, felafel, schwarma, anything you can put in a pita. They also do tossed salads.

So on my first visit I built a salad -- fresh romaine topped with chicken, chickpeas, some veggies, cheese and thousand island dressing. A "small" salad was actually a very generous portion. Ingredients were fresh and flavorful. Salad was served with packaged breadsticks. I would have preferred fresh bread, but overall I was satisfied.

Second visit, I ordered a felafel platter, and I was not happy. The felafel was served on a bed of bulgar, and was accompanied by salad, hummus and pita bread. The bulgar was ok.  OK but cold. The pita was soft and fresh. The hummus was perfect. The salad -- I had a chickpea salad and mixture of chopped tomatoes and cucumbers -- was ok.  Heavy on the herbs.

The felafel, sadly, was a huge disappointment.

It was dry and flavorless. No, I shouldn't say flavorless. All I could taste was cilantro. The generous portion of tahini was completely absorbed by the felafel to the point where it disappeared. Totally inedible.

I will probably be back. But not for felafel.

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