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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Melting Pot

Sad to say, I did not enjoy my recent dinner at the Melting Pot.

I loved our cheese fondue, an Alpine mixture with gruyere cheese, white wine and nutmeg, which was served with bread, Granny Smith apples and vegetables.

I loved our dessert, a bananas foster flambé served with pound cake, marshmallows, fruit...

Salad was nice, I like their tangy house dressing.

But the cooking method we used for the entree...i won't do oil again. The oil didn't really get hot enough until the end of the meal. Drew used the batter, I did not, yet my fondue forks were covered in batter because it didn't stick to his food. And there was a puddle of oil on my plate.

Next time we will use vegetable broth.

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