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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I periodically get sad emails from my synagogue, announcing the death of a synagogue member, or the death of a relative. Usually it's an older person. Sad, but not horrible.

Today's email knocked me for a loop.

There's a woman I am friendly with -- not close friends, but friendly -- who is a prominent member of the synagogue. My friend's granddaughter died. The child was only nine years old.

She was at sleep away camp. Saturday night was the last night of camp, the children were all set to go home Sunday. Out of the blue, the girl told her counselors she wasn't feeling well and was having trouble breathing. The counselors brought her to the medical center, where her condition deteriorated rapidly. EMS brought her to a local hospital, and then she was transferred to a major medical center, but they couldn't save her.

Every parent's nightmare. Horrible, terrible, tragic. What can you say to the parents? To the family? To the younger sibling left behind?

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