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Monday, August 25, 2014

Renaissance Faire

So Saturday we went to the Renaissance Faire. Four of us, though Drew's sister opted out. Breakfast at our favorite diner in Tuxedo, of course, and then on to the Faire. Guess who was hanging out at the entrance? None other than Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Not to mention, Maid Marian, the local gentry ...

And some fairies inside the gate.

Musicians, too.

I was a bit disappointed, they cast a different woman as Queen this year, and Her Majesty did not greet the arriving guests when the gates opened. Rather, she arrived later, after we had moved onto other activities.

Stewart and Arnold, our favorite knife throwers.

And the humor of Hey Nunnie Nunnie.

We did some shopping, then found our way to the Living Chess Game. This is set up as a friendly confrontation between the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood, and involves hand to hand combat.

So Saturday

The rest of the afternoon...we had some lunch (I had steak on a stake!), did some more shopping. Drew went to see a magic show. We caught a few minutes of Ded Bob -- he is a puppeteer. Kathy found the psychics and got a reading.

The final event of the day is the joust. It starts with a parade and pageantry, then proceeds to actual jousting, and more hand to hand combat. Each section of the audience cheers for one if the knights. I knew our champion would lose, as he was riding for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Another great day!

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