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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Right now Drew is not talking to his sister,  The drama llama is back in town,

Every year, Drew and I go to the Renaissance Faire.    Sometimes we go alone, sometimes we go with friends.  We have a routine -- leave the house early in the morning, stop for breakfast, spend the day at the fair, stop for dinner on the way home.  When we invite friends to join us, we fill them in on the details.

This year we decided to get a small group of friends together.  Initially we thought there would be about 6 or 7 of us.  Drew has a mini van that seats 7, so that was a good size.  Then the group shrunk to 5.  Then 4, including his sister.

Who then posted on Facebook, asking if any of her friends wanted to go, that they could caravan with us. We're the ones planning this event, she didn't think to ask if it was OK to invite others.   We didn't plan on hanging out with people we don't know, but as long as she didn't offer them a ride in Drew's car, he didn't say anything.  I just rolled my eyes.

And then  there was the friend who saw the Facebook post and said "I live right near the fair, why don't you guys come over afterwards?"  Which meant Drew had to explain to his friend that we couldn't come because our plans include going out to dinner after the fair.

But what threw him over the edge?   Her friend went to the fair two weeks ago. and did things so differently than the way we do things.  So of course Drew's plans are "all wrong" and we should do what her friend did.

Drew finally told her that if she wasn't happy, she didn't have to come.    That was three days ago, and they haven't spoken since.

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