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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Surprise Visit Home

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I took a vacation day  Friday, needed to stay home to take care of some personal business (including what turned out to be a very expensive auto repair).

Middle of the afternoon, I was upstairs in my room doing some paperwork, when I thought I heard a familiar voice down in the foyer.  But no, it couldn't be...

A few minutes later, Jen was standing in the doorway.

She'd decided, on impulse, to come home for the weekend.  She'd been home for Columbus Day, and she'll be home again next week for Thanksgiving, but for some reason she just felt the need to come home Friday, so she hopped in her car and took the 3 1/2 hour drive.

Of course I took advantage of  her visit....I asked her to give me a ride to the bank, as my car was going to spend the night at Toyota...don't worry, she was amply rewarded  -- she hit me up for cash even before I  set foot inside the bank.  (I wasn't the only one to take care of her -- my mom took her to Costco for some provisions, and my sister baked a tray of brownies for Jen to share with her housemates.)  I guess she needed to be spoiled for a couple of days. 

Over the weekend Jen and I talked about her plans for next semester and next summer. She is taking a lot of classes in her major now, which leaves little room for electives, and she's feeling a bit pressured about that.  . She's thinking of a study abroad program for the summer (she's applying for her passport when she comes home next weekend).  And it's time to start thinking about a house to rent for next year (senior year!)

The one jarring note was the argument she had with her father Friday night....

But overall it was good having her home.

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