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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

My news first.

I lost almost 2 pounds this week, was pleasantly surprised at weigh-in because I'd been to a birthday party over the weekend at a Mexican restaurant -- lots of tortilla chips found their way to my plate because we didn't eat our meal until an hour after the party started....I'm hoping I can make it through Thanksgiving without too much damage....

As for the show....guess I was in a very blah mood last week, nothing about the show captured my interest. This week....

No more teams, they're playing as individuals now. And they get videos from home. But Ada does not have a video from home! And she's not surprised. Bob has to deal with the issues. How can anyone possibly do that to their own child?

So the other contestants made her a video....I'm in tears..... and so is she....

The Elizabeth issue -- Jillian doesn't like it that others are "carrying" her....Jillian "sinks her teeth" into Elizabeth...she's doing the step challenge that made her pass out week 1.

The challenge -- at the pool. Ada's history is not good, her brother drowned. It's a balancing act...they have to balance on a beam over the pool. On one foot. The winner gets a one pound advantage at weigh in. It's down to Ada, Lisa and Mark....Mark and Lisa battle it out while Ada is being left alone....Lisa falls in...
and it's down to Mark and Ada...She's so shakey...and Mark wins.

Product placement time! Make a sandwich at Subway!

Lisa won the contest.

Last chance workout and Bob is focusing on ....Elizabeth.

Weigh in time....and those who ake it through will have makeovers next week.

The men will weigh in first, then the women, and the bottom two will fall below the yellow line.

Mark is up firt, he did well. Patrick has lost 99 pounds, but Frado hits the 100 pound mark. Mark hit that milestone earlier in the season.

Frado is safe.

Brendan's turn. He lost 8 pounds this week, which puts him under Frado and Patrick but ahead of Mark.

Then the girls get on the scale. Elizabeth first. She needs to have lost more than 5 pounds to be safe. She lost 4....and she's very disappointed. Bob gives her positive reinforcement.

Jessica....she needs more than 6 pounds to be safe. She lost one pound. She's not surprised, she knew she was having a bad week. Mark is safe.

Lisa...she needs more than 4 pounds to be safe. She lost 6 and she's above the yellow line for the first time.

Jessica is below the yellow line.

Ada is up last. will it be Ada or Elizabeth below the line? Ada had a stressful week. She needs to have lost more than 3 pounds.

Ada lost 8 pounds!!! She's safe.In fact, she wins the weigh in!!!

Elizabeth falls below the yellow line.

Who will go home, Elizabeth or Jessica?

Jessica gets sent home. I love that she gave herself a makeover and donated hair to Locks of Love!

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