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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

First my news,

4/10 of  a pound this week, a total 7.2 since I'm back on  program.

Realized today that I'm not that into the show this time around.  Prima donnas and unrealistic weight loss, and the meltdown and drama at the weigh-in....

The temptation challenge enough sweet stuff and get to choose who will partner with whom this week.

Reward challenge, build a tower of sugar cubes....

Weigh-in time -- two pairs will be below the yellow line, and one of those pairs will be going home.

Everyone thinks both pairs of girls wil be below the yellow line.  Everyone is wrong. Lisa and Elizabeth go up against Jesse and Aaron.  Will the girls go home or will the boys?  And do I really care?  Maybe I should change the channel and watch the Dancing Wtih the Stars results.....

And Aaron and Jesse get sent home.

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