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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sibling Relationships

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Do your kids get along?  Do they fight?  Do they hang out together?  Or do they avoid each other like the plague?  Or something in-between?

Jen was a toddler, 4 months shy of her second birthday, when Becca was born.  That 20-month age difference put them two years apart in school.  In hindsight I think this was a good thing -- they were close enough in age to share interests, but not so close so as to be in competition with each other all the time.  Made it easy for planning after school activities, like gymnastics or dance class.  I think one of the reasons Becca wanted to join the middle school cheer team was because Jen was on the team.

Of course they had their moments.  They're sisters, they're girls, there's going to be drama and fighting. Many times we had to remind the girls "You're sisters and you love each other."    But these two managed to share a bedroom without killing each other.

By high school they traveled in very different social circles, and had very different interests.    I think that was a good thing, less head-to-head competition.  But they still managed to spend time together.

They're both in college now, Becca in NYC and Jen in New England.   They were both home for Columbus Day weekend, and they'll both be home for Thanksgiving.  But Sunday was Jen's birthday, and Becca...well, she hit me up for $$ for an Amtrak ticket so that she could go visit her sister.  They went to a party together, like two friends.

What did I mean, "like two friends"?  They ARE friends.

And I am so happy about that.

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