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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

My news first.  Managed to eat out three times over the weekend and still lose three pounds!  Track your food in a food diary, it makes a difference.

Missed the first few minutes of the show, found myself watching them in a boot camp setting with real Marines.  the first challenge is an obstacle course, with a phone call home as a reward.  blue team takes an early lead.

And then Elizabeth passed out.    And the rest of the black team helped her finish the challenge.

And blue team won the challenge.

And then they did a last chance workout!

And then the weigh-in -- as teams this week.  Blue team first. They lost, but not as much as Bob would have hoped.Jesse actually gained!  They blame it on the mess hall.  Aaron, however, lost 14 pounds -- 2 more pounds than the rest of the team combined.

Black needs more than 28 pounds to beat the blue team.  No one is putting up good numbers. Elizabeth  gained.  Frado needs 9 pounds to win it for his team.  He's not the least bit confident.  He gained 4 pounds!  Black team loses the weigh-in.  Ada is safe from elimination.

blue team heads back to the ranch, black votes on who to send home.  And Anna is sent home.

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